What can Separate?

When I was just a small child my mother packed her bags and while my father was working she left with me in her arms to live with my grandparents. The separation was devastating to my Dad but as I was only about a year old I had no understanding of what had happened. One day my father had been there. The next I was separated. Between that moment and my middle teen years I only saw my father twice and then for only an hour or so.

When I was fifteen years old my father was finally able to have a custody hearing. That afternoon I entered into the judge’s chambers alone and he asked me a single question, “Do you like your father?”

“I don’t know.” I answered truthfully shrugging my shoulders. I don’t know who he is” I didn’t realize that I had actually passed right by my dad and step-mother on the way in to the court.

“Then I’m going to give you a chance to get to know him.” The judge answered.

In much the same way, our heavenly father is sitting just outside the courtroom of eternity. Because of our sins we have been legally separated from him. Under the cover of night, they have taken us from His house. But when Jesus gave His last drop of blood for us on the cross a cosmic earthquake took place. We were called into court and Heaven’s custody hearing began a single question. “Do you like your father?”

Though it took me a lifetime to build a relationship with my father he made it all possible because nothing was able to separate me from his love. The promise of God is that nothing can separate us from His love and He has planned an eternal relationship for you and I. His Son Jesus Christ suffered and died to buy that opportunity for us, but in order to award custody Heaven’s judge is waiting on our answer.



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