A Light in the Valley

There’s a light in the valley

of death now for me

Since Jesus came into my heart!

Rufus McDaniel 1914

Are you passing through what feels like the longest and darkest valley in your life today? David tells us in Psalm 23 that He won’t fear in that darkness because he knows that his shepherd is always with him. Jesus goes even further when be says that if we are following Him we will never walk in darkness!

Oh but does it feel like a dark and confusing time? Yes for me too brother. Today dark clouds sit on my horizon also sister. But in this valley God’s promise is more true than ever. He Himself is the light. We must confront our fear and refuse to run! The light is shining only on the path ahead and that light is our Lord Jesus Christ. He longs to not only be the light of the world; He offers to be the light of yours and my world. Only He knows the way to the other side of our valley. Take a deep breath, calm your racing heart and in faith just keep taking one step at a time behind your Savior. He is more than only the light if the world – He is also the light of life!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Well said. “We must confront our fear and refuse to run!”

    Now that is a good word.

    Be blessed. God is God.

  2. pastorpete51 says:

    Thanks Michael. I appreciate your kind thoughts. God bless you.

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