Not as the World Gives

After reading this verse have you ever stopped to ask, “How does the word give?” Thinking back to peace negotiations from the Vietnam war to the Palestinian conflict the press has focused on ‘peace talks’. The headlines and the world’s hopes are attached to talks which drag on for years all while people are still being killed. But Jesus is offering to give us a peace that is more than talk.. His peace requires no mediation by an outside party because He is the mediator between us and God. The peace Jesus offers us today has no terms other than His unconditional surrender on the cross and our unconditional surrender to Him. This peace is available immediately, lasts forever and is bought by His own blood. There is nothing nor will there ever be any other peace like it on earth. God is opening a peace conference just for us this morning. When we are done with our running away from Him; He is waiting to give us a peace that makes of enemies friends and of angry rebels His own sons and daughters!



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