Getting Through the Fog

About an hour south of us along the highway there is a stretch of road often covered by a dense fog. It could be a nice sunny morning everywhere else as you drive along then suddenly you find yourself unable to see more than a few feet in front of your car. Stopping is not an option because another car from behind could run right into your car. I have found the best option is to get behind a tractor trailer and follow it through. Powerful headlights enable the truck driver to see far better than I.

Sometimes in our spiritual lives we can also get lost in a fog. When our goal is to be known for someone we are not by taking possession of things that are not ours we are living in a spiritual fog. We lose perspective of what and who really matter in our lives. Little desires appear important and great horizons disappear. But instead of putting on the brakes in fear we need to look to the light of the Lord Jesus ahead. He sees clearly what lies in front of us. We can rest content with our position because He will bring us safely out into the sunshine. If you feel like you are passing through the deepest fog remind yourself that there is no better place to be than just behind Jesus because He is the light of life!

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