The Active Sabbath

The blessings of keeping Sabbath are not about inactivity but about being focused on and committed to the special work that God has for us today.

Most Christians believe that because we live in the era of grace, not law the idea of keeping Sabbath is an unnecessary custom. This coupled with the relentless demands of our 24/7 – 21st century world has caused the subject of a Holy day of rest to fall into our collective sea of forgetfulness. But Jesus said quite clearly on multiple occasions that He had come not to abolish the law rather to fulfill it. For example He taught us that refraining from murdering our neighbors was not enough, He said we must deal with the hatred in our hearts. Jesus was in no way implying that in the New Covenant we are now free to murder irritating neighbors! In the same way God has not changed His mind about remembering the Sabbath to keep it holy. When we disregard the Sabbath we are placing a part of our will outside of His. God rests and He waits for us to take notice. When we rush down our paths so immersed in our own busyness we are missing out on our need for quietness. It is in the quietness of Sabbath that we will hear His still small voice. If we pause long enough for the dust to clear we will see Him on the road ahead beckoning us to follow. That is when we may make the shocking discovery of a Holy activity far beyond anything we could come up with on our own. As we enter into our Father’s activities we will find there a yoke of wonderful rest that He has prepared for us to share with Him!

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