Review- Lumo visual Gospel

My wife and I are lovers of the old classic movies going back as far as Rudolf Valentino on The Sheik. Besides Wonderful Life, Yours Mine and Ours and The Bishop’s Wife, we have watched most of the faith based epics. Some were long but poignant and if slightly inaccurate they stayed with the idea of keeping things close to the biblical account. Among the greats we loved The Robe, Ben Hur and of course The Ten Commandments. The modern films trying to appeal to the same audiences have tended to wander farther from scripture with each new big budget production.

How refreshing it was then to finish the abbreviated version of Mark offered up as The Teachings of Jesus from Lumo productions on the Youversion bible app. It is not only 100% scripture but it is beautifully filmed in Morocco. The actors are speaking in Aramaic but the script is dubbed over so you barely hear what they are saying. This creates a pseudo-silent film with wonderful attention given to facial expressions, costume and interesting camera angles. All in all I would give this a 5 star rating and now can’t wait to get hold of some of the full length gospels. These are well worth watching and remain astonishingly faithful to God’s word. I suppose my only concern would be for those who would use this in place of their own bible reading rather than as an inspirational supplement. I would love to hear any feedback from my readers. What do you think?

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