Receiving Christ Today

“Open our eyes Lord- we want to see Jesus!” went the chorus we sang some years ago. I used to imagine getting a vision of heaven during worship or an ecstatic experience at the altar. But God (who is so much more practical than I) takes moments like that to upend my schedule with some else’s need. He does not give me time to prepare or ask my opinion. Like the scene from the film “Evan Almighty” when Steven Carell who portrays Noah complains to God (Morgan Freeman) ” This whole building the ark thing is really not part of my plans here!”

When he finishes God begins laughing, then says Your plans!….people want to change the world- don’t know how to begin.”

We want to see Jesus but don’t know where to begin to looking for Him. But the God who has all the power of the universe cupped in His hand chooses to send us a little one. Then He waits in wonder to see what we will do when that someone doesn’t fit in with our plans and goals. Almighty God is watching to see what we will do when people around us need our mercy. When we take our child to school after he has missed the bus for the 3rd time or helped our neighbor who sometimes steals our parking spot shovel snow from theirs Jesus is there. When we turn off our television or miss a midweek prayer meeting to make a hospital visit He will be waiting. All the big important things we thought we should do today may be still undone at bedtime but we will have received Jesus if along the way we have stopped to listen to our child’s whispered prayers!

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