God’s Idea of Everything!

In the past I have to confess that my imagination on the word “everything” ran pretty shallow. My mind seemed to fill in the blank line of everything with ideas like – a nice house, a slightly newer car, or a big raise at the end of the month. But the way I thought ran into the brick wall of reality. Not that God hasn’t blessed us over the years by meeting our family’s needs in every one of these areas -but God’s everything has always been so much bigger than mine.

When the death of a loved one or a family crisis leaves me struggling just to get out the door then things that truly matter suddenly take on the luster of the eternal value system of Jesus Christ. On Calvary, all that was of greatest value to God was given for us on the cross. Jesus prayed for another way to give us eternal life, but none was found. When He bowed His head to say , “It is finished,” He wasn’t thinking of a Cadillac in front of our home or a college diploma on our wall. The “Everything” of God was given to us that dark moment when He had nothing left for Himself. In a heartbeat that stopped we were granted not only life that would be eternal but also Joy to face any sorrow- Peace that calms fearful storms- Love that stands by our side through the battle and forgiveness that welcomes His lost children home!

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