Praying Bigger Prayers!

J.B. Phillips besides translating the New Testament also wrote a short book titled, Your God is too Small”. Though I enjoyed the book I have sadly discovered in looking back over 4 decades of walking with Jesus, that my own smallness of thinking acting and praying has limited what God in my life. The bad news is I can not go back and change even the smallest selfish or sinful attitude of the past. But the great news for us all is that if we woke up this morning then our mighty God and His limitless power and love is still ready to answer prayers. What is the biggest and outrageous thing you can ask for today? If it is only for yourself it is way too tiny! Can we shock our Father with any request? What lies beyond the horizon of our little world is just the beginning of what God longs for and will do!

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  1. What a good word. I need to change my vision in what I ask from God.

    Be blessed. God is Great. Nothing is impossible for him.

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