An Unexpected Light

How many times have we sung ‘This little light of mine?” forgetting that the verse comes at the end of the beatitudes? Contrary to general opinion Jesus wasn’t saying “Go out and smile all day” or ” Try being nice to your neighbor.” Jesus was taking a highlighter to the verses just before and dramatically days ” Put this into practice!”

Today as the first day of Lent consider putting into practice at least one verse each day. Be careful to ask God for help because not one of us can do these without Him. Why not begin today by treating others with the humility that comes from recognising that our only resource is from God? Then tomorrow allow the tears of others to become our own. On Friday work on being less quick to be a “know it all”. Saturday allow God’s passion for justice to guide your actions rather than what’s profitable and pleasing to you. If this Sunday others hurt us, may we remember how God has forgiven us for the evil we have done and be quick to pass His mercy along. Monday be watchful over your motives asking yourself if your words and actions reflect God’s heart or if they are manipulating people for our own advantage. Next Tuesday rather than stirring up debate be ready to be a bridge that connects people to God. By Wednesday of next week may we be willing and prepared with a joyful attitude to accept rejection, anger or even punishment so that others may see the light which Jesus Christ has lit in our hearts! If we put into practice these unexpected and even radical teachings of Christ who knows what blessings may follow in our paths?

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