Sleeping in Harvest?

More years ago than I care to share I remember helping friends with putting up hay. Though they had begun early in the morning the 1700 bale count was just too many for them to finish alone. The hay was perfect and lay in endless numbers on the field but on the horizon loomed dark thunderstorms. At hearing of their dilemma over the phone we jumped into our pick-up truck and sped across miles of dirt roads to help. What fun we had that night as we pitched in to help our tired friends. At 2 a.m. the rain finally came but just 50 bales still lay outside the barn.

Today there is also a harvest and there are hearts ready to be gathered into the Father’s barn. There is also a storm on the horizon and it is coming our way. Are we willing to give all to see as many as possible brought safely in or will we hang up the phone and go to sleep for the night?

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