Defending with love

Defend the poor and fatherless… Last week’s scene at nursing home ministry keeps flashing through my mind. “God hates me!” Marie* had said as she held onto my hand with tears coming down her cheek. “No! He could never hate you !” I told her and as I read again John 3:16 its eternal meaning seemed as fresh as the first time I really heard it for myself.

God has equipped every one of His children with a full set of spiritual armor. But our swords shields and breastplates are not given us to display in our living room. We are called to get the tools of spiritual warfare out of our closets and into the battle fields of life! We are called to defend the poor, the sick and the mentally challenged because they are under attack. Why not begin 2018 with the goal in mind of defending our weaker brothers and sisters? God will always hear our cries and come to our aid with His love and power when we take up the cause of those precious in His sight. Then when God has given His comfort through you it will be sweetest to rejoice with them in knowing just how deep and wide it the great love of Jesus!

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