Mary’s Christmas Carol

And Mary said, “My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior,  Luke 1:46-47

From the very beginning Christmas seems to be intertwined with music and song. In the Biblical story leading up to the birth of Jesus everyone seems to be singing. Elizabeth sings, angels sing, and even Mary herself has a song. How many of the Christmas carols can you sing by heart without even a glance at a song sheet? Whether it is one or a thousand, each song had to take a journey from the lips of your mother, a church choir or a group of carolers outside your door, till it took up residence in your heart. In some mysterious way those carols have become your songs.

December 2012 032

For the young Virgin Mary her song had traveled the journey from the moment she heard the greeting of the angel Gabriel, till the first cry of Jesus in the manger. With each passing day she was learning new verses, hearing deeper harmonies and sensing more fully its tempo. In the same way we who have Christ living in us are learning day by day a little more of His song in our lives. If we are straining to hear we will hear his melody in the voice of the needs of others. When we are listening we will hear the gentle rhythm of those by our side blending with the harmony of God’s grace carrying us through hardships. If we are willing then note by note, and one measure at a time the Christmas song of heaven will become our own.



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