2018 Devotional

Every time the sun comes up and each day that God gives us is another in a chain of miracles. What we choose to do with the journey given us depends a great deal on who we choose to follow each and every day. This full year of short devotional meditations, scriptures and photographs can be one part of what God uses to help you along the road that lies ahead!

I had set a goal at the beginning of 2017 to write a full 365 day devotional. I thought it would be a bit of work but but had no idea just how long writing and editing over 100,000 words could be! The challenge of the countless hours, frustrations have been both a time of learning and growth. I pray that for you “365 Days with Jesus” will be a blessing in your coming year. Now available on Amazon in e-book or soft cover. Also available in the other e-formats on Smashwords.com.

Kindle 365 cover

You could follow this link to Amazon or search it for yourself on Google.

365 Days with Jesus


Here is the link to the editions at Smashwords

365 Days with Jesus – Smashwords edition

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