Psalm 34

I sought the Lord and He heard me and delivered me from all my fears Psalm 34:4

A pastor of mine many had once worked on steel towers several hundred feet tall. He talked with me one day about the process of training that men went through to be able to join the crew. One phrase that he often said is ,”Any man who says he isn’t afraid is a liar!”

I believe that King David would have agreed with my pastor. He didn’t try convincing God that he was courageous. No David’s response to the fear he felt while in danger was to cry out to the Lord. He knew that God already knew that he was terrified. He wasn’t trying to fool God or anyone else. David knew of only one place to go; that was to his knees! Like a child shouting for his father’s help David unhesitatingly cried to God. No matter what anyone thought David was convinced that God would listen. 

If you are facing your biggest fear today God already knows. He is able to deliver but He is patiently waiting for our cry!


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