In the Beloved

To the praise of the glory of His grace, by which He made us accepted in the Beloved             Ephesians 1:6

Suk* sat quietly in the front of the small church with just a worn carpet separating her from the dirt floor. The volunteer dental hygienist was explaining by use of a giant set of dentures how to brush her teeth. All the children laughed as he passed over the funny teeth with the large toothbrush. As he finished speaking their pastor helped to hand out a toothbrush and two pencils to each of the children. She tightly held her new prize possession for a moment then hid it beneath a corner of the rug to be sure no one would snatch it away as the program continued with a song that required her to clap her hands together.


To us it was just a one dollar toothbrush, but to Suk the toothbrush meant that she was important. No westerner had ever come to her village. In fact almost no one from the outside world showed up for any reason except to carry away the bags and bags of tea leaves. The smallest of gifts meant to her that someone remembered, someone accepted and someone cared about her.

We have received a far more valuable and eternal gift in the love and forgiveness to be found in Jesus Christ. He came to our village from heaven and gave not just a toothbrush, but His own life for us. He knows all that we need and more importantly He has come so that no matter the value the outside world places on our life, we are loved remembered and accepted in the beloved – Jesus Christ.

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