Master There Is Still More!

Master There is Still More!


As people filled the hall Mary trembled at the door

Holding tight the fragile jar that held her treasure store

Her eyes ran searching, looking close as she softly crossed the floor

Then with the box of alabaster came and stood behind the Lord

She broke the seal and on his head perfumed oil began to pour

The crowd fell silent as the fragrance gently filled the air

“Why this waste?” one man exclaimed why not feed the poor?

But Mary looked up to His face and said “Master, there is still more!”

Then effortlessly with a joy she knelt to wash his feet

And wiped them with her hair then smiled her worship now complete



But with righteous indignation soon the people harshly asked

Just think of all that we could buy with the spikenard from that flask!

But Mary only paused to fix her wet and loosened hair

Then waited calmly at His feet by the broken empty jar


And in response her Master said that they’d always have the poor

Who could be fed on any day yet, they would not have Him much more

So tell this story always of how she has blessed her Lord

When she poured her perfume on my head

Then said,kimg2590

“Master there is still more!”


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