The Party

I planned a pity party at my little house today

I designed the invitations and I sent them on their way

I started with our neighbor Rick and his wife and children too

But he shook his head and said no thanks I have so much to do


So then I called my sister

In hopes she could come

But her voice mail came and told me to

Just speak after the tone

Next I thought to see my pastor so I drove down to the church

But he was at the nursing home there doing the Savior’s work


Last of all I went back home to see my family

Surely my own wife and kids would hear my honest plea

But she was busy binding up our child’s wounded knee

And I realized this pity party wasn’t happening for me


So I went into my room alone and I sulked before the Lord

“Doesn’t anybody even care?” I wept

Then I heard His gentle word

“On the day that I was crucified, my closest friends all fled

And at Pilate’s word I was beaten raw and with thorns they crowned my head.

Then between two thieves I hung on a cross

And even they both mocked my name

Until in pain one began to plead

With me to forgive his shame


So in the struggles you face today

When you’re feeling quite alone

If you listen you’ll hear another’s cry

You can bring before My throne

And Instead of pity you’ll find grace

And strength for every need

And a path that leads to my Father’s house

Where there’s love and joy and peace

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Vicki says:

    a great lesson here..

    1. pastorpete51 says:

      A little humor Helps me to remember

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