Whiter than Snow

Purge me with hyysop and I will be clean. Wash me and I shall be whiter than snow Psalm 51:7

Here at the tag end of summer even the concept of the first snow seems unreal. But God gently prepares us for that experience. First will come the bright reds and pinks of the maple leaves. Then the tomato plants will cease their harvest. Finally the frost will pass through like a silent thief and steal the last blush from the Rose. Then gray skies, cold winds and brown grass will be all that remain of the summer’s  memories. That is the moment when the blessed first snow comes to gently cover the hills with it’s white winter blanket.

 David reminds us in Psalm 51 that the sweet but temporary snow is nothing compared to the purest of whites found only in God’s mercy. When just as David did, we cry to our heavenly Father for forgiveness He sends a cleansing agent that does more than simply give us a fragile whiteness that can be blown away or melted in an hour. God sent us His only Son to die in our place. That Innocent blood alone has the power to wash me and make me forever whiter than snow!

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