For God Alone

While a vow of silence is not a permanent lifestyle that God wants there is something to be said for a silent hour, a moment and a prayer. Silence can be the doorway through which God’s Holy Spirit enters so that we can hear beall He is longing to say.

Wait for the Lord – Not Everyone else!

Have you ever noticed how much we allow our decisions to be based on what other people are doing? Now some things should be based on others such as not snapping the ball till the quarterback tells you. But what about our spiritual life? I thought a few stories from the Bible might illustrate the…

Waiting on God’s Weaving

Wait for the Lord: be strong and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord.           Psalm 27:14 ESV One of my least favorite plays (which I was compelled to watch because mom said so) was titled “Waiting for Gadot” It involved a couple of guys hanging around  waiting for a…

Learning to Fly

We can never know the wonderful freedom of flying till we have finished flight training in God’s slow moving school of waiting.

Wait Courageously

Have you ever raced over to the motor vehicles department on your lunch hour? Like me you grip the wheel hoping that the line will be short because you have a limited amount of time. Too often we treat waiting on the Lord like the frustratingly slow line ahead of us as we are forced…