Heavyweight Champ

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, and I have kept the faith.                   2 Timothy 4:7

In 1964 Muhammad Ali became the youngest challenger to ever win the heavyweight boxing title when he beat Sonny Liston. Every time Ali stepped into the ring he brashly proclaimed that he was the greatest. His bravado not only incensed his opponents but it had many in the crowd rooting against him. But other people’s opinions  didn’t worry Ali  He never even imagined losing. The only outcome he planned for was a knockout!

The apostle Paul was spiritually a heavy weight champion. He also entered the ring with only one goal in mind: the complete victory of His Lord Jesus Christ! Throughout Paul’s ministry he battled persecution, prison and a death sentence, and then ended his life a champion. But the bell that rang signaling the end of Paul’s match was the opening bell for Timothy.

Today the bell is ringing the opening round for you and me.  Centuries have passed and the world is a different place but just as Paul and Timothy fought their battles we must fight our own. When we brazenly trust Christ He will give us His strength to score a knockout over sin and death. He was the champion of the universe long before Paul was born and He fights by our side. He is the one and only who can truly say He is,  “The Greatest”. He is the all time heavyweight champion. He is the Lion of Judah and our Lord Jesus Christ!