Spurgeon and the Psalms

Being both a fan of Charles Spurgeon and an avid student of the Psalms; I was delighted to be offered a free copy of Spurgeon and the Psalms as a member of the Bible Gateway Blogger grid community to review. When it arrived in the mail last week, I eagerly unboxed it and was amazed at the beauty of the soft faux leather volume. My first thought as I opened its pages, was that I would find in it a verse-by-verse commentary. Instead, I discovered that, Spurgeon highlights a single short passage from each Psalm, and shares it in a simple straightforward manner. There is no referencing the Hebrew meanings or intricately weaving together how it fits into church doctrine. Spurgeon has instead chosen, to give us a practical insight into how the words of King David, Moses, Solomon and the other ancient writers can help us in our everyday life. Whether you are buying this book as a gift or like myself, would simply love reading it for yourself, you will not be disappointed. If you would like a copy of this wonderful little book, you can find it by following the link below –