It’s Almost Spring!

The flowers appear on the earth, the of singing of birds is come, and the voice of the turtle(dove) is heard in our land. Song of Solomon 2:12

While our year begins in Winter, with the month of January, you might be very surprised to learn that God’s calendar begins with a month called Abib in the Spring and coincided with the barley harvest. Spring was also when the Jewish people celebrated the Passover, their deliverance from Egypt and their beginning as a nation.

But did you know that Abib was also the month when Jesus died?  Just as the Israelites passed through the Red Sea to their freedom, so the death of Jesus on the cross means freedom from the power of sin over us as believers and the beginning of a new life.

So with Easter just two short weeks away, let’s pause and remember that our celebration of the resurrection of Jesus from the dead also means the celebration of the beginning of a new life. As we tear off the final page of our calendar every December 31st and put a new calendar on the wall, why not tear off a page this Spring and put a fresh calendar of God’s promises on the wall of your heart. You may just be amazed to watch as He parts the Red Sea and leads you into the freedom of a wonderful new life in Jesus Christ!

Singing Time

This April in Pennsylvania was the coldest in my memory. A few days the temperatures warmed only to be followed by snow and another cycle of gray skies and frigid nights.

That experience sadly also sometimes resembles my relationship with the Lord. While my heart longs for singing the reality is more often colorless and cold. But if you are experiencing the whiplash of hot and cold spiritually remember that no one longs for Spring more than Jesus. In the Song of Songs the invitation to come into Springtime comes not from the bride but from the bridegroom representing Christ. He is calling for us to wake up. Though sometimes we struggle just to break out of Winter’s grip, His invitation stands. His blood has power over the frost of sin. Our color starved eyes need only to be opened to take in the riot of flowers blooming. No matter the circumstances it can be singing time in our hearts today!

No Winter is Forever

We in the Northeast are so worn out with winter that even our local radio talk show host broke down during the weather report. “Snow again today accumulating 1-5 inches.” she began then there was a pause. “I just can’t read this!” she suddenly blurted out. Then over the radio came the sounds of paper being crumpled up accompanied by nervous laughter. It was the best local broadcasting I had heard all winter!

Sometimes my life feels like that, replete with it’s unending prognosis of gray skies, snow showers and overnight temperature in the 20’s. Don’t we all harbor a dark deep longing for a warm snow drift melting rain? Wouldn’t it be lovely to look out the window and see even one robin? Are you struggling like I am to recall the colors of daffodils and tulips? It’s okay because God has written into our hearts and souls that desire. It is neither sinful nor childish to wish for spring. Are you facing a seemingly unending wintery time? Those piles over snow covering your flower beds will not last. God promises us a springtime. The song of the turtledove will again be heard in your life. If Christ is our hope then no Winter can last forever!