More About Jesus

Through a season of major technical difficulties (My new computer is somewhere in Kentucky getting fixed) I have been struggling through producing new video of our outreach and hymns, but today I was able to upload a fairly rough version of one of our songs from Sunshine Christian Village. What a blessing to have beenContinue reading “More About Jesus”

Outdoor Prayer at Sunshine

Thank you for those who prayed for our event. Here is our opening song at this prayer and praise meeting that surprisingly lasted over an hour without anyone looking at their watch! There was some hand clapping and some tears. There were some with hands raised and others singing from behind their masks. But whateverContinue reading “Outdoor Prayer at Sunshine”

Our Helper In Prayer

The Spirit of God not only maintains this hope within us, but helps us in our present limitations. For example, we do not know how to pray worthily as sons of God, but his Spirit within us is actually praying for us in those agonizing longings which never find words. And God who knows theContinue reading “Our Helper In Prayer”