The Garden of the King

It is finally really summer and my Tiger Lilies and Shrub Roses are busy giving God glory with their soundless shouts of praise. They do not worry who has been planted near them or what could happen to them tomorrow. They are simply delighted with each day given. I believe that it is because somewhere…

With All Your Heart

I have discovered over the years that God has so changed my heart that my heart has changed my prayers.

Is it Time to Pray?

In the Old Testament we learn that Daniel prayed three times a day And though we can’t be sure of the exact hours they do correspond to praise a chorus we used to sing, “Jesus-Jesus- Jesus in the morning, Jesus at the noon time. Jesus-Jesus-Jesus when the sun goes down!” That little song neatly sums…

Roses in Riot

Every petal seems to be shouting, “Look at me! “

Roses in the Rain

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord! Praise the Lord! God leaves behind the gleanings from his harvest on my rainy days. The roses  shimmering with the raindrops remind me to not just get through my difficulties but to praise Him!