God’s Plan for Marriage

Originally posted on My Cammino:
The topic of marriage cropped up at a neighborhood dinner this past Christmas, after they learned that Hubby and I have been happily married 43 years. “What’s your secret?” they asked with both incredulity and admiration. But one middle-aged couple stated, “We see no point in getting married. And besides,”…

Remembering Joy

Whom having not seen, you love: in whom also now, though you see him not, you believe: and believing shall rejoice with joy unspeakable and glorified;                          1 Peter 1:8 Douay-Rheims If we would be honest all of us would have to confess that the moments of joy that we experience are pretty few and farContinue reading “Remembering Joy”

Rebuilding a Marriage

It often comes as a surprise to us that the enemy’s battle in our lives is not about our worship our prayer time or Bible reading; it is in our marriage (Or for singles their immediate family). The battle we fight is not only on the front lines, it is often behind the scenes. There wasContinue reading “Rebuilding a Marriage”