Wild Flowers or Weeds?

But if God so clothes the grass of the field, which today is alive and tomorrow is thrown into the oven, will he not much more clothe you, O you of little faith? Matthew 6:30 KJV

In the days before hay bales were 1,000 pound rolls we used to pile them on the hay wagon and stack them in the barn. My favorite job was to sit on the top of them bales as we the truck slowly chugged across the fields to the barn. The slight breeze felt deliciously cool against my face and the aroma of the freshly cut grass smelled like perfume. I remember looking down and seeing wildflowers of every imaginable shape and color. They were nestled in among the remnants of the hay showing off their beauty. That scene remains in my heart reminding me of God’s artistry in the simplest things. All around us He leaves behind reflections of His grace.


Imagine now that this God, who has taken such care in each detail of a wild flower, has also made you and I. It may seem that the world passes us by, but instead of seeing flowers, they see us only as weeds. Weeds grow where they are not wanted and where no one has planted them. Maybe we ourselves pass by some people without noticing a single thing of beauty. But all around the world God’s wildflowers are on display to remind us that He is involved in every life and that every life has value.

Flowers are not concerned that their time here is short, nor are they worried what others think. In the brief hours that God has given them they simply give all that they have. They are at peace knowing that the hand that crafted them will care for them. If days come in your life when everything seems dark, remember that as He cares for wildflowers. He will certainly care for you!

Lilies and Sparrows

When I was a teenager I sometimes worked in the hay fields during the hottest part of Summer. The farmer would pass ahead of us through the fields gathering and baling the loose hay and we followed behind piling the bales on a truck and then stacking them in the barn. The fragrance of the freshly cut hay still lingers in my memory as well as the 1554287255655_image.jpg

view from where I rode on top of the pile.  From there I could look out and see the tiny flowers that had nestled under cover of the tall grass, now uncovered in all their startling beauty. 

In His Sermon on the Mount, Jesus told us not to be concerned about the details of our life. He said that we could trust Him to take care of us just like He took care of those wild flowers in the field. Then He talked about sparrows. Maybe he choose sparrows because they have no colorful feathers, mighty talons or majestic wingspan.

1554287664847_image.jpgThey are ordinary just like us and Jesus said that God watches over every one of them and even notices when they fall.

With Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday on our horizon, let’s think for a moment of how Jesus was doing more than just telling us not to worry. He was also reminding us that we could trust God even during the worst moments of our lives just as He did. At the cross they stripped Him naked and gambled for His clothing; but today He wears a robe of light and is clothed with the sun. And on that same dark afternoon He fell to the ground like the sparrow and they took and laid Him in a tomb. Though only a few saw the place where He was laid; God had not forgotten. He knew exactly where to send the angel to roll back the stone on Resurrection morning. In one miracle moment the Spirit breathed the breath of life into Him and Jesus walked out to comfort Mary Magdalene; to bring peace to Peter and John and the assurance of faith Thomas.  Today He freely offers any of us who will believe a gift greater than lilies and sparrows. He promises that if we follow Him we will find our own eternal place in His home and at His side forevermore!