Far More Than We Deserve

This parable of the vineyard had always held for me the mystery of sunlight shining through fog. I was sure something wonderful was there but couldn’t quite make out exactly what. I once figured that the owner of the vineyard kept retuning for more workers because he didn’t want to lose his harvest. It reminded me of working a hayfield with six of my friends till 2 am. A thunderstorm was rolling in and hay left in the field might be spoiled so we labored till the first drops of rain started falling. But the story of this man returning over and over to the town square till almost quitting time just seemed odd.

Why did he hire men even when it was almost quitting time and why pay them the same as the others? After all the guys who only worked one hour certainly weren’t producing enough to even cover their wage. But then I remembered that when the owner hired those fellows he asked why they were standing around all day and they told him ,”because no one hired us.” They had stayed because they clung to hope even as the afternoon shadows grew longer.

And isn’t that the wonderful depth of the grace of Jesus? He doesn’t come until even the final hours because he cares about hay ruined in his field or grapes left on the vine. He comes over and over looking for us. The lostness of people who no one else wants, who stand abandoned in the town square stirs God’s heart to action! So with whatever few hours we have in His field let’s work with joy, knowing that from the depths of His grace we will receive far more than we deserve on the day we stand before Him!

An Open Door

I am so excited today to tell you that two of the long term care facilities where I visited have invited me to return the first week of May! It has been over 13 months of talking through closed doors (how does that work at your house?) Please pray that God holds this door open and that we all learn how this new opportunity will work.

For anyone interested in visiting in your community be sure to start by getting vaccinated and then gently and humbly asking the activities department how you may serve as a volunteer. These folks on staff have been through the mill over the last year and need plenty of encouragement and praise.

Devote yourselves to prayer, being thankful and watchful. And pray for us too that God may open a door to our message so that we may proclaim the mystery of Christ for which I am in chains. Colossians 4:2-3 NIV

Wise Men Shepherds and Children

When the wise men left their homes they were following a star seeking a new born king. Little did they know that all along their journey He was seeking them. This second Sunday of the Christmas season songs are a medley of Away in a Manger and Amazing Grace along with The First Noel. May God help us all to find the one who is seeking our hearts!

God Turned and Chose
When long ago the inn was full
On that dark first Christmas Night
God turned and chose the manger bed
To shine His brightest Light

God Turned and Chose by Peter Caligiuri  2020 all rights reserved
reproduction or publication by permission only