Listen Twice

When I’m in trouble Or in need Help me to follow Your decree To listen twice Before I speak And wait awhile Before I freak And in that quiet Grace to rest See in your cross That You know best Listen Twice by Peter Caligiuri © 2020 All rights reserved

Children the World Forgot

One day we’ll meet in heaven Children the world forgot See tiny hands and toes And their noses that God wrought We’ll hear their little songs Whose notes were stilled too soon As they worship their creator Who led them safely home Children The World Forgot by Peter Caligiuri © 2020 All rights reserved

Questions Not Asked

Since we have heard of Christ and were told He is the answer and teacher of all So when if distressed and can’t find our way Remember on Him we can call He has promised us answers And to stay by our side In our battles be strength And our Shield He’s the Savior of…

His Light Shines All Night Through

Just twenty four short hours Are what we have today Fourteen hundred – forty Minutes To do and speak and pray Eighty-six thousand four hundred seconds To never come again The clock is ticking ticking And just memories remain The words we choose to speak Will echo-echo on And what we choose to do Is…

Crumbs From His Table

Whatever God’s gives is enough Every word from His lips we receive Any crumb from the Master’s own table Feeds five thousand of those who believe