My Turtle Friend

Hurry up turtle you’re smack in the middle
Of the road and we’re so late today
Turn left or go right and step on the gas
Hurry up and get out of our way!

But He didn’t speed up he just turned with a smile
And said “Pleasure to meet you my friend.
This sky is so blue and the sun is so warm
Take a look it soon comes to an end.

But I couldn’t stay calm and I fussed and I fumed
And I laid on the horn with a beep
Till I turned and I saw by the side of our path 
Baby robins in a nest fast asleep

Then I bowed and I prayed - So ashamed yet so glad
For my turtle friend’s wisdom and grace
For I saw God was giving a place for my rest
And His courage and strength in that place!

Wait for the Lord, be strong and let you heart take courage
wait for the Lord. Psalm 27:14 ESV

7 thoughts on “My Turtle Friend

    • Thanks Dave. Yes this is a true lesson from mostly true story of a day in the park last year. The turtle was an endangered gopher turtle. They seem to know they are protected, and they cross the road fearlessly in front of cars. The best thing is to simply stop and take photos!

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