Keeping it Old School in Elementary School – Advice for the Older Parent

I love this post not because of being an older parent but because as a younger parent we ended up being young grandparents. We have stepped into the roles of parents so often that it is easy to identify with the writer.

Y'all Need Jesus

Dear Susan,

As you wrote so eloquently last week, it can be hard to cope with Empty Nest Syndrome. Amen to that! For the last couple of weeks, my Facebook newsfeed has looked like a Lifetime movie, with emotional moms and dads bidding bittersweet farewells to their college-bound offspring. The parents are all my age or younger. They post about how much they will miss their kids, how empty their houses will seem and how quickly time has flown.  It almost makes me feel guilty about looking forward to the first day of school and a few hours of freedom. Almost. Currently,  I am surrounded by Crayola boxes, glue sticks and sibling rivalry.

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I wonder how many of us are suffering from the unique plight of the Older Parent with School-Aged Children.  And I am not talking about those moms with multi-generational children…

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