The Nursing Home Decision – Week Two

It would be great to hear from others on this subject. Your experience may be the encouragement that someone else needs!


FL050008Families and individuals struggle with the question, “How will we know if it is the time?” when facing decisions about nursing home care. It is a question that runs to the very core of our identity as children, wives, husbands or closest family members. “Isn’t it always my own responsibility?” we may ask ourselves. “Why should someone else be put in charge of the daily affairs of the one who is closest to me or who depends on me more than anyone else in the world?”

The answers to these questions often can overwhelm us as we witness the physical or mental decline of people we love and feel responsible for. Because there is never a simple answer I’m going to share with you a few personal stories which I hope will turn on the light in a dark place for you. As you read, ask yourself two questions, “What are my loved ones needs?” and…

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