The Nursing Home Decision

We would love to hear the thoughts or questions of others to this series. Please feel free to contribute your own experiences as your experience may be a great help to someone else struggling with the nursing home decion in their family. Be blessed!


Aunt Peggy came from Scotland when age and health had brought her to where she needed help but there was no one left back home to provide it. She moved into the spare room of my friend David’s house and became a member of the family. But over the next few years things changed abruptly in their family. David’s Dad died, David went off to university and his Mom , Nina was left with Aunt Peg alone. In the following year Nina herself developed a heart condition and the nursing home decision was suddenly thrust upon her shoulders.

Aunt Peggy was still loved and respected but placing her in nursing home care was a difficult choice that Nina had to make. How will we know it is that time for our own family? What kind of home is right for our loved one? How often should I visit and what can I do to remain…

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