Free Book for Easter Week

My Easter gift for you!

Walking With Lambs

I have always loved Easter. On Easter Jesus Christ was raised from the dead and on that same day in 1971 He graciously did the same for me. I was one of those whom Bob Dylan perfectly described in  “Like a Rolling Stone” I had “no direction home”.

I nearly stumbled my way into an Easter service that Sunday with the promise of a free dinner afterward. Having neither home nor money at the time actually didn’t bother me as much as it should, but I just figured things would work out. Things did “work out” but only because God had far better plans than I could have ever come up with. On that Easter I finally chose to stop running from Him. The gift of life – real life- eternal life- has led me on the most amazing and astonishing journey for these past 45 years.

This Easter week I…

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