Immigrants or Pioneers Part 2


Matthew 13:44 The Kingdom of Heaven is like a treasure that a man discovered hidden in a field. In his excitement, he hid it again and sold everything he owned to get enough money to buy the field

The myth that the streets were paved with gold clashed harshly with the reality that my grandparents faced as they found themselves in the cold confines of Ellis Island waiting for approval to enter the city of New York. Yet despite the struggles they faced in a new and strange land they came with determination to begin a new life. These weren’t the classic “Pioneers” with covered wagons, but they were none the less bravely facing the same kinds of challenges.

Though my grandfather could have decided to live in an Italian neighborhood insulated from the culture around him, he chose his own path. America was his new home and he was determined to put down roots here and to begin a new kind of life. Over his entire life Grampa returned only once to Italy. He raised my Dad in a mixed neighborhood in Far Rockaway Queens. He did just like the man in the parable, he sold everything he had to gain the treasure he saw, even if no one else agreed.

Today as his grandchild I look back in amazement at the sacrifice he made and hard work it took. He came on the boat at 16 years of age with his older 17 year old brother. He worked with some of his brothers in the barber business till he had his own shop, married and provided a home for their six children. More importantly he taught my Dad that family life meant everybody working together cheerfully because was how life should be lived. Grampa was never at all ashamedSCAN0062 of his humble Italian roots from Calabria, but over the barbershop door waved a new flag. The flag of his new country. He gave us an example of how success isn’t about being like everyone else.  Lasting success is about being true to your dream, grateful for your opportunities and willing to give your all for your family. What a blessing our family has today because Grampa was not only an immigrant he was a pioneer!

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