The Circle of Song – Part One

KIMG2371How many have the experience of hearing a song that makes us stop what we are doing and really listen? The words, the melody, the rhythm all seem to work together and make an impact on our hearts. The next time it comes on the radio or we hear it in church we may turn to someone and say something like, “That’s my favorite song!” The song that was played for a multitude of people has become ours -at least we think so.

For those of us in worship ministry it then becomes a question, “Is this just for me, or should I share it with others?” Not that we are of necessity being selfish it is simply that some songs don’t work well in a worship setting. But on those occasions when we decide to prepare that song for the church a process begins which I will call, “The Circle of Song”

To prepare, if you are anything like me requires listening long enough till we can begin to remember the words and melody a bit. My own system probably is a bit cumbersome, but I listen over and over as I type the words out for my own song sheet. This forces my mind to slow down long enough to grapple with most of the nuances written in by the artist. Next I  work out the music and the pacing till I can play from beginning to end without a any serious mistakes. The song which ministered to me in that first moment  takes on a deeper meaning as if it were beginning a journey through my heart.

Then the time comes, whether a week, a month or a year later that I have that first chance to share that song. There at the altar as I sing, I sense whether this is really one of those songs I will sing again and again or not. Though some will be forgotten others will be loved, not because I loved them, but because they finished their circle and became a blessing to others. Do you have a new song in your heart that will finish its circle through you this week?

Psalm 40:3

He put a new song in my mouth,
    a hymn of praise to our God.
Many will see and fear the Lord
    and put their trust in him.

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