A Glimpse into a Worship Translators Life

If you read our Theme statement at praise2worship you would see that I work as one member of a worship team. What most of you may not know is that our church is bi-lingual (Portuguese/English) and that we transition from one language to the other during the worship time. Often many of our classic hymns or even the latest worship from Jesus culture has a Portuguese translation and is widely heard in Brazil.

What has been the challenge are the times when I  (the American part of the team) really want to share a recent song or a classic hymn for which no translation exists. The challenge of dovetailing the essence of a song together with the melody and rhythm can keep me up at night rolling various verbs around in my brain.

My latest project this week was the classic hymn, “Our Great Savior” which is sometimes called “Jesus What a friend for Sinners” I worked through and recorded the first and last verses as well as the refrain this morning after a few days of work and some quick grammatical editing by my pastor. Hope someone is blessed and if there is another worship translator out there I would love to hear back from you!

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