My Song of Life


IMG_3612One prayer that I have

That I ask Jesus for

Is that He will help me to sing

As I face every storm

That when waves wind and fear

Try to drown my small boat

That my voice will be strong

And my heart stays on note



That my ears will be open

To hear angels sing

To the Lamb on the throne

Our Heavenly KingKIMG0363

Then with hands lifted up

And my heart for His ways

I will give Him my soul

As my gift of praise


Then to the verse that beganKIMG2253

Way back at the start

When I first trusted Jesus

And He entered my heart

Is added a chorus

And a bridge that can reach

Over darkness and storm

To the place at His feet


P1010574Where my breath becomes His

When my work here is done

And I finish the verse

That on earth I’ve begun

And I lift up my voice

In a loud joyful song

May my last verse be finished

                                                                                                                  At my Father’s throne












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