I Surrender All – It isn’t Just a Moment

New Beginnings

It is interesting that when we sing the Hymn “I Surrender All” it is often in the context of an altar call. In our minds we come to the altar to make a “sudden” surrender on some issue to God. But in fact God has been at work in our hearts all along. The hymn writer himself, Judson W. Van DeVenter actually struggled over this issue for several years as he teetered back and forth between a life as an artist and a life dedicated to God’s service. This sweet and powerful hymn is only the crescendo of the musical movement which God had begun in his heart twenty-four years earlier when he became a Christian.  God has given us His promise and He alone can bring us through to that full surrender. It isn’t just a moment – it is keeping on till we finish the voyage of life!

Being confident…

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