Caring for the Widow and Orphan: Part One

SAM_0208Why is it that we are so often fixated on the latest movie star or sports icon who says they have become a Christian? If it is because we think that finally we have found a “key person” who will unlock the doors to true church growth we are sadly mistaken.

We need to re-adjust our spiritual vision and re-position our heavenly contact lenses if we want to see as God does. In the psalms David tells us something of how God sees.

Father of the fatherless and protector of widows is God in his holy habitation Psalm 68:5

Two weeks ago I began a class on nursing home ministry at our church. Most interesting to me was that of the eight people who have participated so far, five are under the age of eighteen! We are going into week three and will be visiting a large nursing home in the area with a time of music,dance and most of all friendship. It is amazing what happens when God’s father heart begins to connect to us. There is a mighty untapped potential for church growth and evangelism when we realign our value system with God’s Over the next few sessions we will look more deeply into the opportunity God is giving all of us to be His hands and feet to those whom He considers key,because they are key to the heart of God!

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