The Weakness Of God

For the foolishness of God is wiser than men, and the weakness of God is stronger than men. 1 Corinthians 1:25

As Jesus hung on the cross, seemingly abandoned by both God and men he cried out “I thirst”  God in Christ was reduced to longing for a taste of cool water. What weaker moment in all the Bible we cannot imagine. The God who merely breathed and the Red Sea parted, who spoke into existence the earth, with all its vast oceans, mighty rivers, unnumbered lakes and sparkling streams, now in the person of Jesus Christ could not even find a single drop of His own water to quench His thirst. That moment, when man, the devil and all the fallen angels imagined that they had finally defeated the meek lamb of God, a mighty victory was being accomplished. In the cross and through His blood and suffering Jesus took upon himself the sins of all the world. The curse of God rested on Him as He took not only our place, but the place of all of Adam’s race. Jesus hung in weakness, as the nails tore against the hands that had once washed feet, cleansed lepers and made mud that restored sight to the blind. Into those hands God the Father was preparing to place the scepter of rulership and those pierced feet were soon to shine like polished brass. A grave was prepared to hold Him for a few short days and then….


The weakness of God was to be revealed at the tomb, what had fallen would be risen, who had seemed defeated was shown triumphant. The Jesus who had passed through death was now never more to die. No seal, no guard, no edict, no army, no command, no tear, no suffering could ever undo the eternal power of the love of God revealed in all His mighty weakness in Jesus Christ the Lamb of God!

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