Listening to a Friend


And she had a sister called Mary, who sat at the Lord’s feet and listened to his teaching. Luke 10:39

In the last devotion we talked a little about faithfulness. The first mark of faithfulness is listening. Why is it that when everybody is talking, no one is listening? We all have a deep-seated need to be heard, but we may not stop to realize that the most important part of being a faithful friend is to be a good listener. Until we hear what someone else is saying we don’t really know them. The same holds true in our relationship with God. Until we get quiet long enough to just sit quietly listening, we are missing the chance of knowing what matters to Him. Maybe we are something like Mary’s busy sister Martha. Martha had a good heart. Martha had invited Jesus to come to her house as a demonstration of friendship. But Martha was so preoccupied with all the preparations that she neglected the opportunity to simply sit at Jesus’ feet and listen. She was losing out on the chance to get to know Jesus. But Mary saw her chance and began building a faithful friendship by listening carefully to His words.

So let our prayer today be, “Lord slow us down, help us to put the brakes on our busyness and help us become a  faithful friend.” Let’s choose today to determine to listen and allow God’s word to take root in us. God already knows what we have to say, but the only way we can learn what He has to say is by listening!

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