Father’s Day Memories


    Dad never had the chance to take me fishing or hunting. We never went to the beach together to make sand castles and he never taught me how to ride a bike. In fact I remember seeing my father only twice  before my fifteenth birthday. So when we met face to face outside the courtroom where a judge decided our future, I didn’t even know who he was.

    But what began that day as an experiment, ended as the deepest friendship of our lives. It wasn’t an easy road to rebuild. We couldn’t go back and form the kind of relationship that flows from just being together. Yet step by step we learned. I learned how to be his son and he learned what being a dad to a difficult teen-ager would cost him! Just six years later he was there for my wedding and the following year came to hold his first grandson. We shared picnics and church pews together as our own boys grew older. He came for every holiday or we went to share it with him and my step-mom. All the memories we never had together He shared with our two sons. He became a wonderful grandfather and then great-grandfather. On the day Dad breathed his last breath on earth and his first in heaven , we were together. It has been four years since I could no longer pick up the phone and say happy Father’s day Dad! But in heaven, at the throne of the Father of lights, I know my Dad has found a place of grace and mercy. He is seated with the Father who has never abandoned or forsaken His children. He is seeing the plans formed from eternity being worked out for all of our good. Until the day I join Him  at the side of Jesus I will always be thankful for the chance I was given to spend a lifetime learning who my father was. Happy Father’s day to you Dad and Happy Father’s day to all my fellow dads who are trying to learn how to be the father that heaven planned.

SCAN0035Every good and perfect gift is from above coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows         James 1:17

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