What is put in front of you?

“Eat what is put in front of you!” my mother used to say. Jesus gave much the same advice to his disciples one day as He was sending them out to do his work:

    “If you enter a town and it welcomes you, eat whatever is set before you.”  Luke 10:8



Going through the markets in India I often wondered what it was that was being sold. The foods sometimes seemed strange and the smells pungent and foreign to my American nose. But the local people flocked around such places and eagerly bought whatever was for sale that day.

When I was a small boy, sometimes my Mom would cook foods I really didn’t like at all. I think liver was at the top of the list! I can still remember sitting for what seemed to me like hours, looking at the piece of liver sitting forlornly on my plate. When I complained Mom would always point out that if I didn’t want it then, she would gladly put it back on my plate for breakfast!

Though those are funny memories from long ago I also see that there are times my Christian life is a lot like that. God leads or allows to be brought in to my life strange things that I do not like at all. They sit in front of me like the liver on my plate and there is no getting around the fact that if I don’t accept those things now, then they will be back on my plate for breakfast. Jesus wants us to trust, just as my mother did, that what He puts in front of me, no matter how odd it tastes, is good and healthy!

What is on your plate today?

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