Smiley Clouds

I couldn’t help but notice this wonderful artwork being produced by two sisters sitting in front of us in church. I love the clouds. I have heard of silver linings but these clouds are special. When all kinds of trials and temptations crowd into your lives my brothers, don’t resent them as intruders, but welcome…

Far Above

For you, O Lord, are supreme over all the earth; you are exalted far above all gods. Psalm 97:9

Inviting Jesus for Dinner…

John 12:2 There they made Him a supper; and Martha served, but Lazarus was one of those who sat at the table with Him. I learned so much from the children in this small village in India. I have never felt so close to Jesus as when I sat with them for lunch!

Oxydendrum in the Fall

One of my favorites once those leaves start to turn red and the seed pods turn white and gold!