Bitten In A Third-World Country

I have been on a couple of missions trips and this kind of thing as been in the back of my mind. Thank you for challenging us to trust Jesus as you have!

Lessons by Heart

Blood ran down my leg as I struggled to get the dog to let go. He was medium-sized , scrawny, and mangy…and wouldn’t leave me alone.

It was my first trip to a foreign country on a mission trip. In this country, dogs are everywhere and more like rats than pets. They wandered around at the hospital where the medical team served, dug through the trash, wandered in and out of patient rooms, and watched for scraps of food to eat. They weren’t aggressive, so the one attached to my leg was unusual.

Prior to our departure from the US, the leader of our group, Suzie Smith, recommended that we memorize Psalm 91. This was the chapter the Lord gave to them when they began Global Passion Ministries in the 90s. I figured they knew a little more about the mission field than I did, so I followed her advice…

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