Foolishness of Preaching

…God was pleased through the foolishness of what was preached to save those who believe.1 Corinthians 1:21

God has chosen such a strange way to operate to bring us faith. And stranger still God has chosen such weak people to give his message to this world. One of Jesus’ disciples was struck with the oddness of the entire situation as Jesus was giving them His final instructions, just before Calvary.

John 14:27 …But, Lord, why do you intend to show yourself to us and not to the world?”

Why is it that Jesus doesn’t just come to everyone in the way He came to Paul. Why can’t a bright light shine around us and make us fall to the ground? Why can’t Jesus just show up at our work place and multiply fish and bread to get us to believe in Him? Why would He choose to send His message to the world by such an unreliable way as people telling other people



about the resurrection?  Why would anyone believe us? Not even Thomas was ready to believe until He has seen Jesus for himself. Why would someone choose to believe in a message about a Savior? After two thousand years how is it possible that a simple message can still be effective in bringing people to faith in Jesus Christ?

According to the world’s way of thinking these are all the most logical reasons why Christianity is no longer valid, if in fact it ever had been. According to the most reasonable people there is no possibility that a man named Jesus sat up in his grave and walked out on the third day. In view of the advancing technology and material comforts now offered to us today, why would anyone even hesitate in rejecting the message of the cross and of faith in Christ?

No one understands why today, around the world, people are still giving their lives for Jesus Christ. There is a mystery of God by which He still chooses to breath new life into hearts dying in hopelessness. God is pleased to move through a seemingly silly way of communicating to continue His work in the hearts of men women and children every day.

God’s methods may seem outdated but they are still filled with His power. God’s messengers may seem a feeble bunch but He keeps choosing to use those who He finds pleasing to Him, rather than smooth professional actors. Yes the message of the cross is still foolishness to our world today, just as it was to Paul’s world in the first century. Yes all these drawbacks remain to God’s way of doing things But when we align our thoughts and efforts with God’s thoughts and ways, then the Holy Spirit will still blow down from Heaven like a mighty rushing wind. God will continue to fill our simple homes with His presence and people will come to the Christ and lives will be changed! Today as we are going out, take this moment and commit to God those opportunities that are waiting to bring His message to others. No one is smart enough or strong enough or rich enough to bring a soul to Jesus Christ. God is choosing us! Let’s trust that He knows what He is doing and tell someone about Him today!


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