Are we Abiding in Him?

           John 15:4 Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit by itself, unless it abides in the vine, neither can you, unless you abide in me.

     Too often we rush off to church, to the “Worship” service with hardly a thought for our relationship with the God of our worship till we walk in through the door. We rush to our duties preparing for our time of ministry yet all along forgetting our own personal need for a gentle resting in the presence of our redeemer. We are somehow hoping that this time ahead will be a special moment or hour of fellowship with Jesus. But true worship is really only the outflow of what is really in us. When Jesus is really at home in our heart, then we are “abiding” in Him. When our heart’s home is in Him, then our time of worship is like a bubbling Spring. Jesus is at home and where He is at home there is as James tells us about God’s wisdom, first purity, then peace, then all kinds of good fruit.

Let’s each be honest with ourselves. Have our times of worship really been like this. Has Jesus come flowing out of quiet hearts that are first pure and resting quietly in the peace of God? Have there been all kinds of good fruits ready to be harvested growing in our lives? There is no formula for the “at home with God” worship that is the real worship God longs for us to experience. There is no pattern we can follow in our worship set, no new worship song, that will break through. There is no substitute for the genuine presence Jesus, rest and at home in our hearts. When we are at home with Jesus, He has promised to make his home with us. When we have him at home in our hearts, he has promised that there will be much fruit. There will never again, no matter what the circumstances  that we encounter, be a barren harvest. he , not our circumstance is our source of life. It is Jesus, not the worship set, the quality of the music played or the ambience of our church that will determine when the real worship of heaven can flow again from our hearts. We each have the same chance today to start again at the feet of Jesus. Invite Him again to come and make himself at home on our life and we will begin to find ourselves at home again with Him, with His will and in a worship that has its roots in heaven.! Nepal and India 165

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