Unconditional Surrender

Whether it happens during a time of worship or in a quiet moment of prayer, both we and God know instantly when we have surrendered.
Surrender breaks chains, opens our ears to God and allows the grace of God to rule in us. There is no substitute, no alternative and no counterfeit that will pass the test.
Surrender is not the place where prayer and praise end, but it is the place where they truly begin.

Surrender is the moment when God has our full and undivided attention. Surrender is the place where we find that God having His way with our life is a source
of peace. Just as the stillness of the waters reflect the images of the clouds, so in the quietness of our surrendered hearts we begin to reflect the life of Jesus.

Surrender can never be God’s will plus this or that of ours. Neither can it be, God’s will except what we decide is too much for us. Surrender to God comes like the waters of a river that end at a waterfall. No matter how the river swirls and churns, it will finally have to go over the edge and fall into the place that God has prepared for it. Only after the waterfall can the river find quietness and peace. Real worship begins at the foot of the waterfall called unconditional surrender. No one can do it for us, and no one else can give it to us. This is the place where we each must come…one by one to God’s throne of grace by our own choice of unconditional surrender to Him!