The Simplicity of Worship

“I am afraid”, Paul says that someone may come and corrupt your minds, from the simplicity that is in Christ.”  2 Corinthians 11:3.

It seems that we are often losing battle for simplicity today. We have worship conferences and worship leaders’ training. There are worship seminars and a growing commercialism surrounding the entire concept of Christian worship. Can you imagine Jesus offering to hold a worship summit? He was at every moment so overwhelmed with the needs of the people, that the Bible tells us that He and the disciples did not even have a chance to eat. How did Jesus and the disciples found any time to worship?

August 2012 024

Our Lord’s worship was amazingly blended together with storms, the daily meeting of needs, teachings and constant dangers. Jesus calmed the storm, and they worshiped. Jesus healed ten lepers and one ran back to worship. Jesus simply showed up for dinner at a Pharisee’s house and a woman came in, poured perfume on His feet, wet them with her tears and dried them with her hair. Worship was everywhere that Jesus went. The only one occasion that we know of that they sang a song was at the Last Supper, yet they were always worshiping. Today we are always singing songs, but only rarely are we worshiping. We have to have the church just so and at just a certain hushed moment we worship, and then it  is quickly over.

Is this all that God really has planned for us? Why are our hearts so often cold and hard? The world says that hurts and difficulties make us hard. But Jesus said that sin and unbelief give us hard hearts. When we walk with Jesus, instead of running away from struggles, let us see it as an opportunity to worship Him through it all. We might just discover that suffering rather than hardening our hearts, will  instead simplify and soften them. Simplicity helps us to remove the distractions, which fill our lives with busyness, like Martha’s pots and pans. Simplicity helps us to sit at the feet of Jesus again and there begin to worship Him again.

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